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This is returned to you when "outputAsJson=true".


  • IUserResponse




content: object

the rendered output of the last IPageRequest

Type declaration

  • Optional contentErrors?: object[]

    new for Chrome backend. if your IPageRequest had any content errors, they will be listed here.

  • data: string

    data in either base64 or utf8 format

  • Optional doneDetail?: IDoneDetail

    new for Chrome backend. information on what finished the page execution

  • encoding: string

    utf8 or base64

  • Optional eventPhase?: IPageDomEvent

    new for Chrome backend. the rendered page's final eventPhase. see IPageResponse.eventPhase for further explanation

  • Optional execErrors?: object[]

    new for Chrome backend. if the rendering system experienced any errors when processing the page, they will be listed here.

  • Optional extraHeaders?: object

    extra response headers you want sent with your response. set by IRenderSettings.extraResponseHeaders

    • [name: string]: string
  • Optional headers?: object

    headers of the target url, only set if IRenderSettings.passThroughHeaders===true

    • [name: string]: string
  • name: string

    filename you could use if saving the content to disk. this will be something like 'content.text', 'content.jpeg', 'content.pdf' thus this informs you of the content type

  • Optional pageExecLastWaitedOn?: string

    new for Chrome backend. for debugging your request, if our IPageRequest didn't succeed with statusCode 200, we'll output the last thing waited on.

  • Optional passThroughStatusCode?: boolean

    set via IRenderSettings.passThroughStatusCode, if this is true, when returning the response to you, the content's status code will be sent, irrespective of your API statusCode.

  • Optional resourceSummary?: IResourceSummary

    new for Chrome backend. summary of all resources requested by the page. see IPageResponse.resources for detailed listings

  • size: number

    the size of data, in bytes

  • statusCode: number
  • url: string

    the final url of the IPageRequest after redirects

Optional meta

meta: object

metadata about the transaction

Type declaration

  • Optional backend?: object

    information about the PhantomJsCloud.com system processing this transaction

    • id: string

      identifier of the system, for troubleshooting purposes

    • os: string
    • platform: string

      Chrome or PhantomJs

    • platformVersion: any


    • requestsProcessed: number

      number of requests processed by this backend

  • Optional billing?: object

    how much this transaction costs. NOTE: the creditCost, prepaidCreditsRemaining, and dailySubscriptionCreditsRemaining are also returning in the HTTP Response Headers via the keys pjsc-credit-cost, pjsc-daily-subscription-credits-remaining, and pjsc-prepaid-credits-remaining

    • bytes: number
    • Optional creditCost?: number

      the total cost of this response

    • Optional dailySubscriptionCreditsRemaining?: number

      estimation of your remaining daily creditBalance. This is incrementally refilled hourly.

    • elapsedMs: number
    • Optional endTime?: string

      the end time of your IUserRequest.

    • Optional prepaidCreditsRemaining?: number
    • Optional startTime?: string

      the start time of your IUserRequest.

  • Optional outputAsJson?: boolean

    if true, informs our server to send back JSON, including the response plus metadata. if False, if should send back only the content.



  • Optional trace?: object[]

    debug trace information provided by the api.


originalRequest: IUserRequest

the original request, without defaults applied. to see the request with defaults, see IPageResponse.pageRequest


pageResponses: IPageResponse[]

a collection of load/processing information for each IPageRequest you requested.


statusCode: number

the HTTP Status Code PhantomJsCloud returns to you

Optional statusMessage

statusMessage: string

if an error was detected, we will try to supply a statusMessage to help debug. Additionally,this will be placed as the pjsc-status-message response header.